13th Course Reunion -- Tsukuba, Japan, August, 2003

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International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics

 13th Course, 2-14 June 2002

"Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology" 

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the School and 

Dedicated to the memory of Rein Silberberg


Preliminary Programme

Topics Include

Relativistic Cosmology – Introduction
Gamma-Ray Bursts – Overview
The Sky as Viewed from Chandra
Superkamiokande & Neutrino Oscillations
Light-Element Nucleosynthesis in the
      Early Universe
Models of Gamma-ray Burst Origin
Cosmic-ray Astrophysics – an Historical
The Cosmological Constant Revived
The EUSO Project: EAS >1010 GeV
The Distant Universe after Hubble
Highlights of Recent Cosmic-Ray
Cosmic Gamma Rays as seen with the
      Rossi & Beppo-Sax Satellites
Neutrino Physics & Neutrino Astrophysics
Nucleosynthesis & Galactic Evolution
The Auger Project – Current Status
Theory of Relativistic Shocks
Early Results from AMANDA and SNO


Speakers Include

E. Berezhko
J. Danziger
A. Dar
C. Dermer
G. Fishman
M. Giller
J. Goodman
R. Lüst
F. Matteucci
W. Priester
V. Ptuskin
R. Sambruna
L. Scarsi
M. Shapiro
G. Shaviv
N. Shaviv
T. Stanev
A. Watson
J. Wefel
A. Wolfendale


Director of the School:  Maurice M. Shapiro
205 Yoakum Pky. #1514
Alexandria, VA 22304 USA
Fax: 1-775-640-8342
 Directors of the Course:
M. Shapiro, V. Ptuskin, T. Stanev

                                        Apply to: mmshapiro@mailaps.org   

Postdoctoral fellows & advanced graduate students are advised to apply soon to the Director of the School.  Some financial aid may be available (for room & board in Erice).  This must be justified by the applicant and/or the applicant's adviser.  Committed cost-sharing by the student's adviser will strengthen the request for assistance. 

         A few senior participants can be accommodated.



Director, Majorana Centre:  A. Zichichi